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Words I wrote with friends.
Various shorts, sketches, pilots, and scripts I have written over the past few years.
Reach out if you're interested in reading them. If not, enjoy the loglines for free.
Title: Tour Guides Who Sometimes Kinda Maybe Almost Love (4 pages, Comedy)
Writing partnerWill Curtis
Logline: After a horrific accident, college tour guides debate whether they should begin walking forwards on their tours, or continue the traditional backwards walk.
Title: Jason Colliton and Kevin Ma Wrote a Sketch Packet (12 pages, Comedy)
Writing partnerKevin Ma
Logline: Dads who love 3D movies, friends reveal a murder playing Code Names, a woman has a wild dream, and two enemies work on their side hustles together.
Title: Punching Saget (116 pages, Comedy)
Logline: A boy raised on America's Funniest Home Videos has his beloved hamster stolen by his high school bully, and the only way to get him back is to punch his childhood hero right in the face.
Title: The Land Rush (90 pages, Historical Comedy)
Logline: On April 12, 1889 at 12:00pm, the US government opened all of the land in the Unassigned Territory of Oklahoma to be claimed by whoever could lay their stakes first. It was one of the most chaotic, poorly-planned, and haphazardous events in American history. This is how I think it probably happened.
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