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I think and I write, sometimes it's even in that order.

I'm 6'0" tall, but if you ask me in person, I'll say I'm 6' 1".

LeBron James once sat next to me at a UVA basketball game. 
As a cameraman, I got paid for my time. He did not.

You tell me whose time is more valuable.

I was heckled by the largest Irishman I've ever seen at a mic in Dublin.
He shouted,
"We can smell your fear, boy." His words still haunt my dreams.

There was a brief period in my life where I thought that I came up with Sheryl Crow's "If It Makes You Happy" because it was stuck in my head

and I did not remember ever hearing it before when I certainly had.

I am now much older and wiser. I use this age and wisdom to write ads.

If you like me, you can reach me at

If not, I take complaints at Don't hold back.

Resume: Download
ESPN / Freelance Camera Operator / 2018 - Present
Reservoir Distillery / Freelance Copywriter / Summer 2020
McgarryBowen / Copywriting Intern / Summer 2019
Hot Air (2016) / Director's Assistant / 2019
Wray Ward / Copywriting Intern / Summer 2018
VCU Brandcenter / M.S. / Copywriting / 2019 - 2021
University of Virginia / B.S. in Commerce / 2015 - 2019
Churchill Elementary / Line Leader / 2003 - 2009
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